How to Hookup a Flip Top Gooseneck Ball to My Truck

How to Get together a Switch Top Gooseneck Ball

A flip major gooseneck ball is a good way to add a gooseneck hitch to your vehicle without removing the bed. Designed and made by PopUp Towing Products, this kind of hitch is certainly vehicle-specific for a perfect fit and usefullness. It’s ranked at 30, 000 pounds and includes a 2-5/16-inch gooseneck ball, safety sequence spring-loaded U-bolts, all hardware, and easily readable guidance.

Gooseneck Hitch Analysis

A gooseneck hitch is certainly an essential accessory for most pickup trucks as it increases shipment capacity and enhances fill distribution, expands the types of trailers you can tow, and protects your pick up truck from damage when moving huge loads. It also improves the handling accuracy of your motor vehicle and enables you to tow trailers with fuel tanks and cross-bed toolboxes that not necessarily compatible with standard receiver hitches.

Getting to grips with a Flip Top Gooseneck Ball

The very first step in installing a other top gooseneck ball is to trim the hole correctly in your truck bed. This gap should be located slightly in front of the trunk truck axle and centered between the controls wells. Afterward, install the middle section of the problem and virtually any necessary aspect plate mounting brackets.

Once you have completed the installation, check the problem and trailer to make sure everything is usually squared up. Ensure that the trailer is solidly connected to the hitch plus the chains usually are not too loose or perhaps tight. Then, connect the gooseneck ball to the essential safety chain anchors and test for your secure interconnection.